Shahbaz Taseer’s horrific kidnapping story

Shahbaz Taseer’s horrific kidnapping story

Shahbaz Taseer made an appearance in the show Hansna Mana Hai.

Shahbaz Taseer’s horrific kidnapping story. Shahbaz Taseer is a talented Pakistani writer, business man and social media influencer. He also has a strong political background. Shahbaz Taseer is son of Salman Taseer who was a renowned Pakistani business man and politician. He was from Pakistan People’s Party. Shahbaz Taseer was first married to Maheen Ghani but got divorced in 2019. He has a daughter with Maheen Ghani. In 2021, Shahbaz Taseer got married to model Neha Rajpoot. They are now the parents of an adorable son. Shahbaz Taseer is a vocal person. He often speaks about his unfortunate kidnapping experience. Shahbaz Taseer was abducted in 2011.

Lately, Shahbaz Taseer made an appearance in the show Hansna Mana Hai. In the show, he talked about his sudden and unfortunate kidnapping by the Talibans. Recounting the horrifying story, Shahbaz said, “At the time of abduction, I was a businessman. Those days were already very depressing for us as our father had recently passed away. Well, the two kidnappers caught me, when I was on my way to the office, they gave me injections. When I regained consciousness, I was in Waziristan. It was the 26th of August, 2011 (Ramadan), when I became the Taliban’s new prey. They had put me in a jail. They didn’t have the proper facilities. They kept me in their mini slaughterhouse which was also used as jail. They kept me with the scapegoats, I was just another addition in the scapegoats of the Talibans.

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He further said, “Whenever we had to move, they made me wear a Burqa (a veil worn by women). However, I questioned them, ‘Isn’t it strange for a woman to be running after you in a burqa? While bombs are exploding and we’re all hiding?’ Surprisingly, they replied, ‘No, we don’t find it strange.’ They believed that the burqa could keep me safe.”

Here is another video in which he talked about nigotiating and debating with Talibans about different things with including the teachings of Islam . He also said that he was with a sweet family with whom he spent a good time. He said he’s alive because of a few kind people. Watch the video for further details, shared by Shahbaz Taseer:


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