Meera talks about her controversies & challenges

Meera belongs to an era of industry when there used to be constant cat fights between actresses.

Meera talks about her controversies & challenges. Meera Jee has been a part of the Pakistani entertainment industry for over two decades. She has worked in many films and dramas and she has been a mainstream name in the media for several reasons. From doing films with Shaan and Moammar Rana to working on television and being a part of multiple controversies, Meera Jee was famous and she is still famous. She worked in Baaji after the revival of cinema and looks like she is not going to look back any time soon.

Meera belongs to an era of industry when there used to be constant cat fights between actresses in the open and there were accusations from cutting each other’s scenes to straight up black magic being performed on the opponents. Meera still held her ground and she has always thought of herself as the best.

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But things have now changed and there is a constant influx of new actresses in the industry and the competition has increased tenfold. Meera was talking in a recent interview about newcomers entering the industry and how she feels about it. She said that she now feels a lot of competition in the industry and she is working on herself to improve every day because of this competition. Here is what Meera had to say and if Meera feels competitive, competition is definitely thriving:

Meera also talked about why she has been in so many controversies in her career. She said that whatever she does ends up becoming a part of the news. She also said that her life events becoming news is probably also a punishment of being Meera.

This is what she said:


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