“Marriages are risky,” Sajal Aly gets candid about love & marriage

"Marriages are risky," Sajal Aly gets candid about love & marriage

The Gul-e-Rana star, who is best known for portraying strong-headed female characters on screen.

“Marriages are risky,” Sajal Aly gets candid about love & marriage. The institution of marriage is a huge deal in South Asian diaspora, and whether it is arranged/assisted or love marriage, it is always a risk, claimed Pakistani actress Sajal Aly during a press conference of her latest offering, What’s Love Got To Do With It?

The Gul-e-Rana star, who is best known for portraying strong-headed female characters on screen, is quite the same in real life and doesn’t fear if a relationship ends due to irrevocable damages or differences. While the Sinf-e-Aahan star has herself been reserved about her personal life and fall out with former husband, Ahad Raza Mir, Aly doesn’t shy away from speaking openly about love entwined in threads of marriage.

Aly claimed that she fancies love marriage over assisted ones, but is aware of the consequences and the lingering, inevitable risk that comes as a byproduct.

An icon of female empowerment, — whether it is through her drama serials or opinions — the Mom actress believes “women are complete without men” and that a woman’s life should not revolve around her partner.

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“Women already know they are complete without men. It’s a beautiful thing to be in love and to feel whole with another person but that shouldn’t be the only goal,” Aly said during a conversation with Rida Khan on Reel Life.

To keep up with her preferences and the influence her character could have on millions of people, the Mere Khuwabon Ka Diya star revealed why she chose to work in What’s Love Got to Do with It?

“I think the first reason I agreed to join this film was that it beautifully highlights Pakistani culture. The country depicted in this project is quite colourful, bright and full of joy, which is a huge contrast from the norm in filmmaking which portrays Pakistanis as terrorists, so thank you Jemima for writing such a brilliant script,” she suggested.


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The cross-culture film with its ensemble cast revovles around Zoey (Lily James) who documents her friend and neighbor, a Pakistani guy (Shehzad Latif) who is set to marry a girl from Lahore on the request of his family. Zoey — who has been unlucky in love so far — watches how an assisted marriage descends into a love marriage. The film also depicts Pakistani culture, customs and traditions.


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