‘Google got it wrong’: Merub Ali confirms her real age

‘Google got it wrong’: Merub Ali confirms her real age

Showbiz starlet Merub Ali confirmed that she is not 27 years old as mentioned on the internet.

‘Google got it wrong’: Merub Ali confirms her real age. In a recent outing with a local channel, Merub Ali shared that Google got her birth year wrong due to which she often gets comments about her age. The ‘Sinf-e-Aahan’ actor clarified that she is 21 and made her screen debut in 2018 with Sajjad Ali’s music video ‘Lagaya Dil’ when she was 16.

“I’m often told that ‘Oh you don’t look like 21’, and ‘You hide your age’, because, for some reason, Google has mentioned my age as 27,” she said in the interview.

Ali further added, “On the other hand, if someone posts a picture with me, they go like ‘She is so young’. Please decide for once and all, whether I’m young or old than 21.”

“How does it matter anyway [what is my age], I am 57,” she joked.

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Speaking about her engagement with singer Asim Azhar, Ali shared that they liked each other. “Our parents decided on our engagement and we all were on the same page,” she told the host.

Moreover, the actor confirmed that marriage is not planned as yet as she doesn’t like to expect anything for her future and hence would want to let it happen when the time is right.

For the unversed, they announced their engagement on social media last year, with simultaneous posts. The singer-actor duo have been childhood friends and often made public appearances before making their relationship official.

They were also seen together in the blockbuster serial ‘Sinf-e-Aahan‘.


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