Wahaj Ali – 10 Interesting facts about his personal life

Wahaj Ali – 10 Interesting facts about his personal life

Wahaj revealed in a show that Iman Ali is his crush and he also said that he doesn’t know if Iman Ali knows about it.

Wahaj Ali – 10 Interesting facts about his personal life. Wahaj Ali is an excellent Pakistani actor who has just reached the new heights of popularity after his hit serial Tere Bin. Tere Bin is his first commercial drama which got huge popularity. Previously, he worked in Jo Bichar Gaye and Ishq Jalebi which were decently praised by fans. After the success of Tere Bin, he evolved as a brilliant actor and an ultimate heartthrob which is receiving love from all parts of the world.

1. Early Life / Wahaj Ali parents

Wahaj Ali is born in Lahore and he is the only child of his parents. He has no siblings. His parents were government officials. His mother was a teacher. Wahaj Ali was a naughty kid. He is a poetic person and loves different forms of art. He spent most of his time with his maternal grandparents during his early childhood. He had a formal relationship with his father. He shares a very cordial relationship with his mother.

2. Dealing with father’s death

His father passed away in 2017. His father’s death changed his personality and he became sensitive. Wahaj Ali’s father suffered acute heart failure. Wahaj Ali was in Karachi when his father got sick and when he came back to Lahore, his father’s health deteriorated and he passed away.

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3. Wahaj Ali married life

He’s happily married and he has an adorable wife Sana. They got married in 2016. Wahaj Ali says his life is beautiful after his adorable daughter Ameera. He loves to spend time with his gorgeous little daughter.

4. Wahaj Ali daughter

Wahaj Ali admits that his daughter has added colours to his life and he can feel the happiness of life after his daughter.


5. Wahaj Ali education

Wahaj Ali is a business graduate. He also completed his Masters degree in interactive filmmaking from NCA.

6. How Wahaj Ali began acting

Talking about acting, he said, “I did a drama and I liked doing that”. He says that he just started acting and it worked well for him. Despite an average audition, he was called for the drama after the audition. He reveals that he used to do theater as well. Here is the link:

7. Best friend in media

Maya Ali is Wahaj Ali’s best friend in the media industry. The two are old friends. Maya has family terms with Wahaj Ali. Wahaj Ali also attended Maya’s brother Afnan’s wedding. Yumna Zaidi considers Wahaj Ali as his closest friend as well.

8. Routine at home

At home, Wahaj Ali is a laid-back and lethargic kind of person. He doesn’t want to do much work at home. He says that he prefers to rest at home.

9. Wahaj Ali crush in industry

Wahaj Ali admires Iman Ali as an actor. He revealed in a show that Iman Ali is his crush and he also said that he doesn’t know if Iman Ali knows about it.

10. Most hit pairing

His most hit pairing is with Yumna Zaidi which has broken all the previous records of on-screen romance and chemistry.

Wahaj Ali’s real life pictures

He’s a private person who doesn’t uploads pictures and posts on social media. If we look into his Instagram or other social media handles, he only uploads work-related posts. Here we gathered his personal pictures:


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